This has been planned out for a while and now, because of our goal to bring the best Identity Theft Protection news to our visitors, we are very eager to tell you that the next milestone in our company is now up and about!

Short Side of Long News, a website that has made a name for itself for well-researched articles and trusted content, is now owned by Home Security Heroes as of this year, 2021.This means that both Home Security Heroes and Short Side of Long News are teaming up to combine their years of experience to bring our visitors updates on the best identity theft protection services. 

Big things are going to happen in 2020 and beyond. We are very excited to bring you the top news and reviews of the popular and up-and-coming companies on the market today. 

While we are creating new content for the site, here are some of best articles and posts to protect your (and your family) identity and assets.

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