Awesome Homemade Weapon Ideas You Can Use for Self-Defense

There is no telling when you might become a victim of a home invasion or assault. According to the FBI, a burglary occurs every 30 seconds. Of these burglaries, over 55% involved forced entry and almost 38% were unlawful entries. The average loss of a burglary is $2,661. 

Homeowners should prioritize safety, with self-defense weapons playing an important role. While firearms are often the most effective means of defense, they are not always readily accessible in an emergency. It can be useful to have homemade weapons placed in strategic places to ensure you can defend yourself at all times. Here are some of the most awesome homemade weapon ideas.

Homemade Self-Defense Weapon Ideas

1. Homemade Pepper Spray

Woman using pepper spray or tear gas for self defence outdoors. High quality photo

Pepper spray is a highly effective self-defense weapon that can render an attacker incapacitated. Even a weapon-wielding assailant can be stopped in their tracks after being struck in the face with pepper spray. The primary ingredient is oleoresin capsaicin, which comes from capsicum plants, including chili peppers. This means that it’s possible to create homemade pepper spray.

The strength of pepper spray is generally measured by Scoville heat units (SHU), which is the same scale used to measure the heat of chili peppers. A bell pepper scores a 0 on the SHU scale, while a jalapeno pepper can register between 2,500 and 5,000 SHU. Pepper spray used by US police generally scores between 5,000,000 and 2 million SHU.

While you may not have access to the strength of oleoresin capsaicin used in police pepper spray, the stronger the chilis you can find, the more effective they’re likely to be in your homemade spray. Carolina Reaper, Trinidad Moruga Scorpion, and Naga chilies are among the hottest in the world, ranging from 900,000 – 2 million SHU. But you can also use Habañero chilies, which are more readily available at supermarkets.

As well as being highly effective, pepper spray is one of the easiest DIY self-defense weapons to make. The ingredients needed are water, chili seeds (the more potent, the better), black pepper, baby oil, and isopropyl alcohol (90 % alcohol).

To prepare the spray, place the chili seeds and alcohol into a pot and heat it. Put on the lid and boil the contents for around 30 minutes. Next, strain the liquid into a smaller pot before pouring 4 cups of water into the mixture. Place the pot onto the heat and allow the mixture to evaporate and reduce. When the liquid gets thick, take it off the heat.

Once the mixture has cooled, mix with the baby oil. The liquid spray is then ready for use. The best vehicle for the spray is a spray bottle or gun. The more accurate the spray nozzle, the easier it will be to hit an attacker’s face.

Note that you should wear protective gear when you’re creating the mixture, such as goggles and gloves. Avoid making physical contact with the spray.

2. Homemade Tactical Knife / Shiv

Folding knife stuck in old wooden board

Most people are familiar with the term shiv from hearing about prison attacks. Although makeshift knives from toothbrushes and razor blades are effective weapons, they are nothing compared to what you can make at home. While it’s possible to craft a professional-level knife with the right tools and skill, a homemade shiv is much easier to make.

Shivs can be made from a variety of materials. The most important aspects of a good knife are a strong blade and a solid handle. This allows for powerful and effective strikes.

One of the simplest shank designs uses a basic butter knife. Choose a size that feels most comfortable but in general; the larger, the better. To ensure the knife doesn’t become loose when you use it, you’ll need to attach a paracord or some form of wrap to secure your hand.

The first step is to sharpen the blade of the knife. A knife sharpening stone is generally the best sharpening tool to use. File the knife on both sides and ensure it has a sharp edge and point.

The next step is to drill holes at the top and bottom of the handle of your knife. These holes help secure the paracord grip. Slip either end of the cord through the holes and tie them off. Ensure that the fit is comfortable but tight. Test the knife regularly to make sure it is sharp enough.

3. Spiked Bat

baseball bat isolated on white background 3d illustration

A spiked bat is one of the easiest to make blunt force DIY self-defense weapons. It can have a devastating effect at close range. While a baseball bat is one of the most effective objects for the “bat” part of the weapon, you can use virtually all sturdy and straight instruments such as planks, table legs, and broom handles.

To maintain the structural integrity of the bat, you should first drill multiple holes through one side and out the other. Ensure they are well spaced out, so the nails don’t collide. The holes should have roughly the same circumference as the nails you’re using. Placing the bat in a vice helps to hold it in place.

Next, use a hammer to drive the nails through the holes (10 to 20 6” nails should suffice). The nail heads should be flush with the bat’s surface, and the ends should stick out the other side. If the nails are too long, you can cut off the ends using an angle grinder.

4. Slingshot


Although a slingshot is often seen as a child’s toy, it has the qualities to be an effective self-defense weapon. It’s also relatively easy to make. The most difficult part is finding a “Y” shaped piece of wood. Strong woods such as hickory, dogwood, oak, and ash are most useful. Other items you need are latex surgical tubing, leather strips, string, a saw, and a butter knife.

Attach either end of the rubber tubing to the “Y” tips of the wood. Secure them in place using string (glue is also effective). Once secured, cut the center of the tubing to create a sling of your chosen length. 2” to 4” on either side should be suitable. Put a hole on either end of the rubber and use string to attach the leather piece. The leather is the place where projectiles are held.

The greatest advantage of a slingshot is that you can use different items as ammo, from small pebbles to marbles to dried beans.

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Practice is Essential

For maximum effectiveness and safety, you should learn how to use weapons properly. It’s important to remember that homemade weapons can be extremely dangerous for both the user and the person it’s being used on. They are not regulated, meaning they could be deemed illegal if they are used in an incident. 

In general, preventative measures and state-legislated weapons should be your preference when it comes to self-defense.