At Home Security Heroes, we are always looking to bring new talent onboard. Our fast-growing team is completely focused on preventing 100,000 cases of identity theft from occurring by 2025 and we need your help.

If this mission resonates with you, please consider applying for any of the positions below for which you believe you are qualified:

Identity Theft Victim Advocate

The first step to preventing identity theft is understanding how it happens in the first place (in industry jargon, by “identifying threat vectors”).

To that end, we regularly recruit and pay victims of identity theft who are willing to (privately) share their stories about what happened.

This position is a short-term engagement that consists of no more than a few hours in which you:

  1. Fill out a questionnaire detailing your experience: how it happened, how you cleaned it up, how you are protecting yourself moving forward. Besides your name, we do NOT collect any Personally Identifying Information. See our Privacy Policy here.
  2. You’ll also have the option, should you choose, to engage in a short interview with a member of the HSH team in which they gather information about your experience. This interview may be recorded with your consent and is used for internal purposes only.

Lead Editor

We are currently recruiting a Lead Editor who can take over the editing duties of our current Lead Editor and CEO, so that he can focus more on strategy.

This is a high level role in which you will be:

  • Overseeing end to end content production
  • Hiring new writers and delegating article outlines to them a way that ensures we are writing the most helpful article
  • Further solidifying our brand style and writing guidelines and ensuring editorial consistency
  • Understanding who our customers are and ensuring that we are writing for them

Cyber Security Writers

We are always on the lookout for talented cyber security writers who write with no fluff, understand their audience, and are able to commit the time necessary to deeply understand the products we review at Home Security Heroes. 

Consider applying as a writer at HSH if the below sounds like you:

  1. You are a subject matter experts on the topic of cyber security and/or identity theft protection
  2. You are able to research a topic, analyze competition, draft an article brief, and write the best article on the topic independently
  3. You can write technical concepts in an easy to understand voice
  4. You want to work under the guidance of an experienced Lead Editor in order to become the best writing version of yourself possible
  5. You want to work with a fun and fast-growing team that actually cares about making an impact

All applicants should be sent to: contact[at]