At Home Security Heroes, we are committed to providing the best possible content and resources for our audience of (often affluent) individuals looking to better protect themselves against identity theft.

Unlike many other brands in the space, we are not just a fast-growing content site but also have the most popular identity theft prevention channel on YouTube. This means that we reach our audience through both text and video, and studies show that video is an extremely effective way to build trust with an audience.

How We Facilitate Advertising

As a multi-channel brand, we can facilitate your reach to our audience in a variety of ways. These are the most common:

Banner advertising involves placing an advertisement in the form of a banner on our website. This is best for increasing brand awareness but can be seen as invasive by our readers, and we are thus extremely selective about who we allow to display banner ads on Home Security Heroes.

Sponsored posts are typically the best option for both us as a publisher and you as a brand. These are created when you, the advertiser, write a custom post that is displayed on and promoted throughout our website.  

These posts are NOT native advertising. They are clearly labeled as sponsored content and are typically related to our core topic of identity theft protection. These are a great way to promote your brand or product organically to a highly targeted audience.

Sponsored videos are the same concept behind sponsored posts, but in video form. Video resonates with viewers in a way that text doesn’t, and YouTube’s Suggested Videos Algorithm means that your sponsored content has the potential for greater reach than text content. 

Bespoke Packages are a great way of combining some or all of the above and taking an “outside the box” approach to getting your brand in front of thousands of eager readers. Please contact us at contact(at) to discuss how we can craft a package that helps you to meet your business objectives.

Note that we take great care in selecting the advertisers we work with to ensure that they are aligned with our values and mission, and only accept advertisers who offer high-quality products or services that are relevant to our audience and who operate with integrity.

We look forward to working together.